With the most recent rain storms dumping an abundance of water in the valley, drainage problems have increased dramatically. The need to improve/upgrade existing and older drainage systems has come to the forefront.  Don't hesitate to contact  Benchmark Construction today to solve your drainage problems.

Box Culvert
Retention Basin (aka. detention basin)
Street Gutter
Catch BasinSlotted DrainTrench Drain
French DrainSpillwayValley Gutter
PipingStorm Drain

If a service you need is not listed, contact Benchmark Construction so we can discuss your needs.

Drainage Services

Benchmark Construction provides many services for surface and underground drainage to the commercial and industrial sectors. Whether your needs are for landscaping or for structural water control, the staff at Benchmark Construction are here to assist you in your drainage needs and have extensive knowledge in surface and underground drainage systems. The drainage services we provide are the installation of new drainage systems and drainage problem solving, as well as, the maintenance, repair, restoration, removal, upgrading, modification, or retrofitting of existing drainage systems. The following is a list of the services we provide for drainage systems:

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